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born in Solothurn, Switzerland

studios in Switzerland and Israel

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My work is meditative, intuitive and process oriented. I am interested in color, light, space and time. 

light fields
light fields
projective planes
projective planes

ataraxia (Meeresstille der Seele) was developed during my residency in Dusseldorf 2018 

Each panel was painted separately and as the work evolved, it led to a  coherent body of work.

light spaces
light spaces

Hiding and revealing is a key element in my work through which I seek to achieve simplicity that goes beyond materiality.

weaving light
weaving light
light scapes
light scapes
color fields
color fields

Solo Exhibitions

2022  chromophil, Galerie Abbuehl, Solothurn

2020  Zwischen den Zeiten, Galerie Abbuehl, Solothurn

2018  Ataraxia, Atelierhaus Sittarderstrasse, Dusseldorf
2017  Small Shifts, Atelierhaus Sittarderstrasse, Dusseldorf
2013  Silent Transition, The Zaritsky Artist's House, Tel Aviv; curator: Daniella Talmor
          From the Crude to the Urban, Hecht House, Haifa; curators: Moti Harari and Sima Shachar
2012  Before Dawn, Beit Shturman, En Harod; guest curator: Smadar Schindler
2011  Galerie Artesol, Solothurn, Switzerland
          Public Library, Zichron Yaacov, Israel
2010  Desert Rhythms, Engine Gallery, Toronto
2009  Time Studies, Toronto Public Library, Fairview Branch
2006  Chagall - House, Haifa, Israel
2004  Canire, Art Gallery, Zichron Yaacov, Israel
2002  Sara Erman - Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997  Yadaiim, Jaffa, Israel
1992  Galerie zum Stadtturm, Aarau, CH

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020  36. Kantonale Jahresausstellung, Kunstmuseum, Solothurn

          Contemporary meets Masters, Artforum Ute Barth, Zurich

2018  Wax&Layers, Artforum Ute Barth, Zurich
          THE FLYING FIELD, Aufbauhaus CLB, Berlin, curated by Anne Schreiber and Sarah Alexander
          Black Box by boeckercontemporary, Saarlaendisches Kuenstlerhaus, Saarbruecken
2017  Interference, Friedrich Gallery, Ein Hod, Israel
          Freedom of Expression or Freedom of Temptation, Gallery Nitsana 14, Tel Aviv
          Black Box by boeckercontemporary, Metz, France
          Israeli Contemporary Landscape, Gallery MY, Zichron Yaacov
2016  Hatching Artist Group, Project #1, Eco, Compound for Events and Culture, Hadera
          The Golden Calf, Ein Hod Gallery, Israel
2015  Silence, Ein Hod Gallery, Israel
2014  Ein-Hod -Gallery, Israel
2012  Talui – Art in Suspense, The First Aliyah Museum, Zichron Yaacov, curated by Revital Silverman
2010  neustART, Halde Gallery, Widen, Switzerland
          The 2nd Annual Art Show, Israeli Artists Group, Macdonald House, Thornhill, Canada
          Spring Show, Arta Gallery, Toronto
          Growth, Engine Gallery, Toronto
          Artzy, The 3rd Annual Multi-Media Art Exhibit, Toronto
2009  Engine Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto
          The Israeli Artists Group of GTA, Macdonald House, Thornhill
2008  TIAF, Toronto International Art Fair (by Engine Gallery)
          Watching the Bright, Arta Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto
2007  Colour and Form Society, 55th Annual Juried Show, Etobicoke Civic Centre, Art Gallery
          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillip Square
          Toronto Art Expo
2006  Toronto Art Expo, Canada
2002  Theatre of Haifa, Israel; curated by Doron Pollock and Smadar Schindler
          Chagall- House, Haifa, Israel
1996  Yadaiim, Healing the Breach II, Jaffa, Israel
1991  Christmas - Exhibition, Museum of Art, Solothurn, CH


2018   Guest Atelier Dusseldorf, Germany

2017   Guest Atelier Dusseldorf, Germany/International artist exchange program

2016   10th International Encaustic Conference, Provincetown MA, USA  


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"Healing the Breach II", Israeli Women Artists Facing Reality, November-December 1996






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© All images copyright Myriam F. Levy 

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